It’s oh so quiet. (Shhh, shhh.)

One of my teen idols has turned fifty recently, so I figured it was a good time to share some of her advice about poets:

Also, my older children are visiting their father’s family, my husband has been called in for yet another graveyard shift, and the baby is snoring peacefully on my side of the bed, so it feels wrong to waste all this quiet sleeping!

But I have already turned in the assignment I had due tonight and have at least an hour or two to procrastinate the rest of the work I want to do this weekend (like a true English major), so I figured I would share the song that always gets stuck in my head when the house sounds like this:

You can tell she had kids when she wrote this.  Silence is never so terrifying as in a house full of children.

I hope you have the good kind of quiet this week and all the blessings you can imagine.

(I am about to take a terrible mystery novel into my only quiet room with a ton of bath bombs and a cup of tea and I’m not coming out until my toes look like raisins, which will make me more thankful than any turkey ever did!)


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