sick lit!

I’m having a hard time keeping writing right now, in part because I get weak a lot when I am upright, so I mostly do my schoolwork lying down with my computer on my chest, and I don’t type as well that way.  Also, I fall asleep a lot more that way.  Sometimes I just have to accept that I am not going to do the kind of work I could do if I was in better health.  It may not seem like it would matter that much, since reading and writing are easy to do while lying down, but I also spend a lot more energy on things like walking to a classroom from a parking lot (that can wear me out for the entire rest of the day), and sometimes really strenuous things, like having a conversation while driving, or buying groceries – huge feats of strength there – can make me so tired that I need to sleep a few hours to recuperate.

Last night I fell asleep while trying to finish an online assignment, which led to my computer dying and a whole lot of words disappearing from Blackboard.  It sucked, but there’s only a month or so left before the end of the semester, so I get to do fun reading so soon!

A friend sent me Don’t Suck, Don’t Die when I was in the hospital in September and I have been aching to read it but know I can’t handle extra reading until the winter break.  I also get to reread some Bronte novels to get ready for the spring semester and that is going to be great.  During dinner tonight, my youngest spilled water on her clothes and decided to strip (problem solved!) which reminded my teens of a story from Hyperbole and a Half, which got me thinking: sick people write a lot of great books!

So instead of getting discouraged about falling asleep while writing in bed or the difficulties of balancing a reading list with strenuous tasks like taking a shower and driving across town, I am going to be grateful this month for the fact that not doing other things really does open up a lot of time in my schedule for reading in bed, and the fact that every week I get through is one week closer to a wild bed reading marathon with my partners in (true) crime (and mystery novels), aka, my kids.

And now that I am awake again, I better try to rewrite what I was trying to write last night.


One thought on “sick lit!

  1. I LOVED THIS SO MUCH. This was extremely encouraging. I do not have health complications, but just this week I found myself complaining about being tired and I just wasn’t in thanksgiving in the fact that I actually woke up! I have to remind myself that the Lord gives me my strength, and then to read your post, just wow’s me. You are such a fighter, and God cares so much for you. Your story is inspiring, beautiful.

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